Short Docu-film Competition

Langkawi invites you to enter your stunning wildlife video and story to tell the world!. We’re looking for beautiful video that representing the wildlife of our magical islands. Your own original video of our wildlife are all eligible for the competition. Cash rewards will be offered to the winning video. The contest is open to all participants either Malaysian or foreigners.

Workshop Day

Day one of the event kicked off with workshops and talks by invited judges and nature conservationists consisted of topics ranging from photography skills, macro (insect) photography, video-scoping (combining still photography with video) and short documentary workshop.  To the excitement of many, the work­shops on day one were both innovative and creative with a mixture …

Flag Off Day

The participants of the bird race and photography component were flagged off from the entrance of cable car on the second day of the event. Officiating the flag off ceremony was Encik Azmil Munif Bukhari, the deputy Tourism Manager of LADA which saw around 50 participants present.  Panorama Langkawi provide full access to all participant …

Kurt (AKA Orion Mystery)

Kurt (AKA Orion Mystery)

KURT (AKA ORION MYSTERY) – MAESTRO OF MACRO Considered a” Maestro of Macro”, Kurt’s work have graced the cover of Photographer’s Magazine, Ukrainian edition; 3 times photo of the week on Juza international Forum; Images used on LRT, Rapid Buses and Monorail in Tourism Malaysia’s Zoom series (ladybird, yellow assassin bug, giraffe weevil). “Weevil taking …

Tee Lian Huat

Considered a pioneer of “Digital Videoscoping”. A trained accountant with a passion for birds, he has been photographing birds as a “digiscoper” for over 15 years with the last 3 years as a “Digi-videoscoper”. Today Mr. Tee is a leader of this very new and innovative method capturing wildlife/birdlife in action. His days are spent in the rainforest nearby Kuala Lumpur sharpening his skills and techniques in the art of “digi-videoscoping”.

Basil Gelpke

Basil Gelpke was born September 10, 1962 in Basel, Switzerland. After his studies in Social Anthropology, Economics and in the production of scientific films Basil soon became fascinated by all kinds of moving images. He is Managing Director of his production house Lava Production AG,